Thursday, November 24, 2011

A funny Shlok

आपाण्डुराः शिरसिजास्त्रिवली कपोले
दन्तावली किलिता न च मे विषादः ।
एणीदशो युवतयः पाथि मां विलोक्य
तातेति भाषणपराः खलु वज्रपातः ॥

My temples are grey. My cheeks are without the rows of teeth within. My body is wrinkled. This doesn't bother me much. But when those doe-eyed young women call me Taat (a father figure/grandfather), it hits me worse than a lightning.

Men will be men across millenia :)


  1. Every sentence has got a meaning to reflect!!!
    Great lit work indeed......


  2. Thanks for visiting the blog. This is what I find so refreshing about Sanskrit literary work. Not an ounce of flab or air. Always to the point and concise.


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